Can You Tell Your Boyfriend How To Dress?

Women are often more fashion conscious than their partners, and often try to make their man dress their best. This is because women want to see their man looking as handsome and sexy as possible. Sometimes a certain fit of t-shirt or jeans can make him look this way, so they want him to wear it.
Miley likes Liam's outfit here.

Popstar Miley Cyrus tells Liam Hemsworth that he is not allowed to wear polo shirts because she doesn’t like the way they look on him. Is this acceptable? After all, she just wants him to look his best.

However, if your boyfriend started telling you what you can and cannot wear it would most probably cause an argument.

So if your boyfriend doesn’t dress in a style you find appealing, or worse than that has not real style at all in his wardrobe, is it acceptable for you to decide what he will and will not wear? Do you think your boyfriend would mind you dressing him up like your own man-barbie?

Sizzling Couple Pick: Sizzle Or Fizzle?

The hot, new couple
After a very public marriage ending in an even more public divorce in 2011, Kim Kardashian seems to have found love again, with Kanye West. The two, who have been friends for years, were seen holding hands and going to the trendy restaurant Catch in the Meatpacking District, earlier this month. The new couple, have also been spotted going for lunch at various boites in the city.

In West’s popular hit, ‘Way Too Cold’ he raps, ‘I admit I fell in love with Kim…Round time she fell in love with him’, which suggests he has liked the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ starlet for awhile.

Do you think Kim and Kanye will sizzle or fizzle? Do you think they are well suited? Or do you think Kim has rushed into another high profile relationship without taking the time to think if he's really the right match for her?

Here's what I know... If he stopped calling you over something little, then he wasn't yours anyway.

How many times have you obsessed over the littlest thing that you did in your relationship, thinking that your one small action was the reason for it's demise?

Here's what I know...

(1) Guys don't break up with girls over little things.

(2) Once a guy decides he is attracted to you, he won't break up with you over something that only you notice- that one pimple you got on a Tuesday or the fact that you wore a bra that didn't make your boobs look as big as they usually do.

(3) Guys don't pay attention to how many "xo's" you put at the end of your text message and he certainly won't break up with you over that.

(4) Guys read emails very quickly and they don't labor over every word you wrote and what you meant by them, the way girls do. Absent your writing something really awful, he is not going to break-up with you because of your LOL or because you had too many typos.

(5) It is natural to question the last little thing you did with a guy if he ends things with you and you are not sure why. However, to find out what really went wrong, you need to dig deeper and look at the full picture and the patterns of behaviour.

(6) When you are dating someone, it's more important to learn the things that would bother HIM, not obsess about the things that would bother you that don't even register on his "notice" meter. (Example: he won't notice if the smiley face in your text was a full smile or a wink, but he will notice if you need to have a "relationship conversation" by email during work hours, when he is in his office!

Here's what I know... You need to be with someone who loves "the real you."

Have you ever wondered why you would put yourself in a circumstance where you are apologizing for just being you?

Here's what I know...

(1) You are pretty damn great. You need to find that person who understands that.

(2) You need to be with someone who loves all that you are and all that you are not. Marlene told me that and it's very important.

(3) If someone is questioning who you are, have you ever stopped and asked, who are they?

(4) If you are asking why you are compromising yourself, then you are in the wrong situation.

(5) If you constantly need to hide the real you, then you aren't in the right situation.

(6) If you know deep down that you are trying to fit a square peg in to a round hole, take a step back and don't do it. Do you real want to take all this time to pick someone, only to then get divorced?

Here's what I know... The "trolling the party" guy is not ready for a real relationship.

Did you ever wonder why a guy who says he wants to be in a relationship spends more time trolling parties than trying to work on having a relationship?

Here's what I know...

(1) You need to take time to be in a relationship and make it work.

(2) If you want to be in a relationship, you will be willing to give up a trolling night to be with a girl you like.

(3) If a guy is not willing to give up the trolling night, chances are, he is not into you enough to forego it.

(4) A guy might say that he trolls parties because he really wants to meet someone but there is a difference between hitting the occasional party and going to the opening of an envelope!

(5) Some guys troll for sport and because it's a game to them and others troll because they think it is a necessity. Either way, do you really want to be with that guy?

(6) You have been in situations before where when a guy is crazy about you, he drops everything and can't get enough of you. If the trolling guy can't do this, it's time for another guy.

Here's what I know... Sometimes friends cross the line with your boyfriend.

Have you ever watched in wonderment as one of your female friends crosses the line with the guy you are dating?

Here's what I know...

(1) You need to be honest with yourself and decide if you are an overly jealous and sensitive person or if it is obvious that your friend is crossing the line.

(2) It would be appropriate for your friend to say hello to him at a party and having a 2 to 5 minute conversation with him. It would be inappropriate for her to corner him for 30 minutes with her "come hither" eyes batting away.

(3) It would be appropriate for her to include him on a group email or an email to both of you. It would be inappropriate for her to email him directly and asking him a question about the two of you that she could have just as easily asked you directly.

(4) It would be appropriate for her to let him buy her a drink. It would be inappropriate for her to assume that she is "his second girlfriend" and that he will buy her dinner every time you all go out.

(5) If you do have a friend who is crossing the line in this area, you need to think about whether she is really your friend, your frenemy or just after your guy.

(6) If you think that your friend is crossing the line and you are not certain that she is doing it on purpose, have a conversation with her. She might learn something about proper behaviour and you might save a friendship.

Here's what I know... there is a lid for every pot

Do you ever feel like what you are looking for in a relationship is so much deeper than what most people can handle?

Here's what I know...

(1) You are not alone; many people feel like there are very few people who really understand them.

(2) There are people out there that want to have a very deep relationship, you just need to keep on the look out for them and not settle for someone who isn't of your caliber.

(3) It usually takes a person who has had some drama, loss or difficulties in their life to make someone want to have a deeper relationship. If you are dating Mr Happy Go Lucky, it is probably going to be difficult to get him to understand you.

(4) Not everyone is for everyone. You need to find who is right for you, not obsess over who isn't.

(5) You need to make room for the possibility that someone can catch up to you in desiring a deep relationship; you just need to give them the time and the space to try.

(6) You need to be open to understanding someone else's definition of a deep relationship and see if perhaps the two of you can find a happy medium.

Here's what I know... Girls still want a polite and gallant guy.

Have you been wondering if chivalry is dead?

Here's what I know...

1. Polite is polite- you don't have to be over the top like standing up every time she goes to the bathroom, but basic politeness goes a long way.

2. Girls notice if you open her car door for her or just head straight to the driver's side.

3. Girls notice if you allow her to go through the door to a restaurant first or if you plow through.

4. Girls notice if you buy a drink for her friend as well as her when you are trying to impress her.

5. Girls notice if you offer to go with her to help her get her towed car instead of just saying good luck.

6. There are men out there who are still very chivalrous- girls notice them, remember them and like them. Why not be one of those guys?

Here's what I know.. You need to marry "a man."

Have you ever thought to yourself that you just wish he could step up and be a man?

Here's what I know...

(1) Men mature more slowly than women do. This is a fact.

(2) Men don't really get "it" unless they haven't experienced "it" in quite the same way as you have.

(3) Men who have never real been in love, don't really understand what love is and you need to figure out how to teach them or the relationship is doomed.

(4) Flirting and game playing is fun and good foreplay, but in order to get into a real relationship there has to be more than that.

(5) Men who are very surface and do not even try to dig deeper are not for you. The man you are going to marry is going to get down and dirty with you.

(6) Men who can't handle real raw emotions and a little drama are not for you. You need a guy who will cry with you, want to listen to everything about you and want to really understand all there is to know.

Here's what I know...The "break-it off conversation" is difficult.

Did you ever notice that a "break if off" conversation never goes the way you want it to?

Here's what I know...

(1) There are two sides to every story and during a break it off conversation those sides are usually very different.

(2) It is very difficult to not get defensive during a conversation of this nature and if you did get defensive, you shouldn't feel badly, the other person knows why you acted that way.

(3) If you wanted to say that you were sorry and to ask nicely for a second chance and you didn't because your pride got in the way, you can always say that now. If you were with a good person,they should be willing to listen.

(4) Break ups are very rarely final the first time around. If someone cared about you enough to be in it with you and then to break it off with you instead of just blowing you off, then that person should be willing to explore, at least once, if there is still something there or if there is a way to rectify, simplify or alter things.

(5) Even if your feelings got hurt by the person's honesty and you had that "stinging" feeling, try to learn from what they said and effect positive change in your life.

(6) If you think there was a miscommunication or you were judged unfairly or incorrectly, re-open the dialogue and calmly try to explain how you are feeling. If you were with a good person, they should be willing to listen and explore.

(7) If someone cuts you off at the knees and gives you no wiggle room at all, you should be wondering about their ability to connect and their desire to be in a good and communicative relationship because no one's perfect and those that can't realize that all humans have some flaws will go out on hundreds of date and have trouble ending up with someone long term.

PS- Maybe go rent The Break Up with Vince Vaughn and Jen Aniston, so you can add a little comic relief to the situation!

Here's what I know... If you get invited, you go!

Do you sometimes feel like you would rather just sit home alone and watch TV, rather than be disappointed in a social setting yet again?

Here's what I know...

(1) My grandmother always told me that "if you get invited, you go because you never know who you are going to meet." These words are on the second page of my book, Matchbook: The Diary of a Modern-Day Matchmaker (Simon & Schuster) and are words to live by.

(2) If you think about it, each time you actually do leave the house, something does happen. You might not meet the man of your dreams or your wife but you might run into an old friend, make a new and interesting business contact, or just have a good laugh.

(3) If you do leave the house, make sure you do it with positive energy; otherwise you are sabotaging things before you even leave.

(4) Pick chatty, outgoing people with whom to surround yourself. These people are connectors, and they attract people in their direction; you will reap the benefits.

(5) Keep in mind that every day is different. The last four Friday nights might have been busts, but this does not necessarily mean that this Friday night will be.

(6)Let's say tonight is the night that you are going to meet "your" guy. How are you going to meet him if you don't leave the house?

(7) Get excited about the idea of possibilities. Unpredictability is what keeps life exciting!

Here's what I know...You should feel good about the relationship you are in.

Have you been thinking to yourself that there is no way that your dating situation should be making you feel so down in the dumps?

Here's what I know...

(1) When you are dating someone, you should not have to negotiate phone time or face time. They should not be able to get enough of you, all the time. And visa versa.

(2) When you are dating someone, they should want to do little sweet things for you, this might things that are as simple as planning a fun night, sending you a sweet text message or bring you one Hershey kiss but there needs to be that desire to make you feel happy and loved. And visa versa.

(3) When you are dating someone, they should want to show you off to everyone and should not have excuses as to why you can't come places all the time. And visa versa.

(4) When you are dating someone, speaking of the future, whether it's next weekend or next year should not cause a panic or a fight.

(5) When you are dating someone and you have reached "that point", you should be having sex and a lot of it. If there are excuses in this category, there is a problem.

(6) When you are dating someone, they should constantly be finding you to to be so funny, so witty and so attractive. If they don't, it's just a matter of time before they end it. And visa versa.

Here's what I know... A woman's definition of "sweet"

Did you ever notice that a woman gets more excited about telling her friends how sweet you were than she was when you were so sweet to her?

Here's what I know...

(1) Women love sweet gestures. They make them feel all gooey inside.

(2) Sweet is different from giving an 'obligation gift" on a birthday or on Valentine's Day. Sweet is when you get her flowers on a Tuesday, "just because" or when you send her an e-card or "a special email" (instead of your usual grunted, one word answers) just to say you were thinking of her.

(3) Sweet is the thing that the girls will brag about to their friends for a very long time."How sweet is this, he figured out from an old photo album that I love purple tulips and then he scanned the city to find them because they are so rare and got them for me. I never even told him that I love purple tulips and hate red roses, he just figured it out. Isn't that soooooo sweet?!"

(4) Sweet doesn't have to be expensive or even cost anything. Think...whatever will make her and her friends say "ahhhhh!"

(5) Sweet is different than sappy or queer. Sweet is when you bring her chicken soup and leave it with her doorman. Sappy is when you fly home to bring her chicken soup or you take off a day of work to rub her feet.

(6) Sweet is different than stalkerish. Sweet is when you remember that she loves rice pudding and you drop it off to her doorman while she is at the office, so she has a pleasant surprise when she gets home. Stalkerish is when you are sitting in her lobby waiting for her with rice pudding without telling her you were stopping by!

Here's what I know... When it's "right", it shouldn't be so complicated

Did you ever notice how sometimes you are literally trying to fit a square peg into a round hole when it comes to dating, but you are just so damn close to the situation that you don't see how ridiculous and wrong it all is?

Here's what I know...

(1) He should want to see you and see you a lot; if you are trying to convince him of this, this isn't the right sitch for you.

(2) Guys love sex, especially when they first start dating you; if he doesn't attack you and a lot, this isn't the right guy for you.

(3) People who like each other, find time for each other without spreadsheets and the help of two assistants!

(4) People who like each other compromise and makes things work because they like each other.

(5) Weekends are for couples, so if you have never seen him on one, something is not right!

(6) Guys like to show off their gal to everybody when they like their gal; so if you are fighting over meeting his family, his friends or even his dog, it's too complicated or he's married, so get out!

Here's what I know... "Must-haves" go out the window when you like someone

Did you ever notice that as soon as you "like like" someone, all those "must-haves", those characteristics that you absolutely thought you needed in a life partner get rationalized away?

Here's what I know...

(1) When you "like like" someone, you will start thinking to yourself that being with someone with a full head of hair or who can ski and golf just isn't that important.

(2) When you "like like" someone, you start wondering why you thought that one quality was oh so important yesterday but now today it just doesn't see to matter, especially when he is so generous in bed or when he bought you the most thoughtful Valentine's Day gift.

(3) Once you have been dating for a long time, you realize that connection is rare, so if you find someone who has many of the things you are looking for, but not everything, you tend to overlook the missing things.

(4) You should subscribe to my "85 % rule." If you find someone who has 85 % of the things you are looking for, you should run to the altar instead of holding off for the 100 % that you will NEVER get. Keep in mind, that if you "throw back" 85% to go fish again; the next person will just be 85% again, just a different 85%.

(5) "Love" makes you forget the little stupid things that aren't really that important because you feel happy.

(6) Everyone has a list of "non-negotiables" when it comes to finding their mate, but many times several things on that list really aren't non-negotiables, they are really just "preferences" that you can rationalize away in a heartbeat when you find the right person.

Here's what I know...If you smile, you can get a guy

Did you ever notice how you get a lot of opposite sex attention when you are feeling good about yourself and in a good mood and how you are pretty much ignored when you are sporting the sour puss?

Here's what I know...

(1) Men like happy women.

(2) Men might say they are attracted to negative girls or dramatic girls but they don't wind up marrying those girls or staying married to those girls.

(3) Men get reamed all day at work. When they come home at night they want happy and easy- this is what they are really looking for when they are flirting.

(4) A happy girl with positive energy who isn't that pretty will attract more guys than the sour puss supermodel, at least for the long haul.

(5) If you have positive energy, you should stay clear of your negative friends, they will just repel the men.

(6) A smile is welcoming, it just is.

Here's what I know... how to survive Valentine's Day

If you had to admit it, aren't you just a wee bit nervous about tonight?
Here's what I know...

(1) Plan to act surprised and excited; "act" being the operative word. Even if you know where you are going tonight because you snooped in his blackberry, feign surprise when you arrive there. And even if you have been to his restaurant choice 15 other times, pretend to be excited when you get there; after all this is the first time you are going there with him. He will be crestfallen if you act any other way.

(2) Keep how many cute gifts you schlep to the restaurant to a minimum. No sense looking like a tourist for christ sake. Plus keep in mind that it's only V-Day not his first Christmas!

(3) Dress sexy tonight; it is a dress or a skirt night, girls! Even if it snows, don that sexy dress, and let him see that you are putting forth the effort.

(4) Wear sexy lingerie or at very least matching bra and panties. You are going to get action tonight and just like you wouldn't want to end up joining the mile high club with unshaven legs, the same applies to lingerie of V-Day!

(5) You need to be prepared to "eww and ahhh" about his attempt at romance, no matter what. If you don't, he will never try again and certainly some effort is better than no effort!!

(6) Plan on being frisky. V-Day is the best foreplay so keep in mind that tonight is not the night to have a headache, skimp on the BJ or have to check on the kids.

Here's what I know... Rules for Valentine's Day gifts for MEN

Are you a little overwhelmed trying to figure out the right gifts to get your honey this year for Valentine's Day?

Here's what I know...

(1) Men prefer practical and useful over sentimental. He would rather get a new wallet than "personalized post-its' with your names on them or a heart frame with a photo of the two of you for his bedside.

(2) Men get freaked out by too much cute. He will be okay with one cute card, he will think his head is exploding if you get him eight! He will be okay with one Valentinesy stuffed animal thing but he will break up with you immediately if he comes home to an animal kingdom of red and pink sleeping on his bed!

(3) Men prefer sexy to raunchy. Yes, not a bad gift idea to get yourself sexy lingerie, greet him at the door in it and give him a gift certificate for an erotic 1 hour massage. Very bad gift idea to greet him at the door in a dominatrix outfit, black nails, black lipstick and nipple rings, unless he is into that kind of stuff and then it's probably not a gift because you are already doing that!

(4) Men like gadgets- this is a easy gift, it's safe and he will appreciate it. Find him an accessory for his Ipod or just look on the Sharper Image site-there will be something there.

(5) Togetherness gifts are not good gifts for men. A romantic couples massage class or tickets to a Broadway show are gifts girls like, not guys! Buy him something that he will enjoy himself and something you might not even like.

(6) Get the opinion of one of your MALE friends about your gifts and cards BEFORE you give them to your guy, so that your friend can approve them and confirm to you that come Sunday morning you will still have a boyfriend!

Here's what I know... Guys are intimidated by Valentine's Day

Did you ever notice that when you talk to a guy about Valentine's Day, he will say that it is a girl holiday or just a Hallmark holiday and he doesn't believe in it????

Here's what I know...

(1) Valentine's Day has been scaring the be-jesus out of men for centuries.

(2) Men know that V-Day is the day they have to step up and be a little romantic- it's like when they have to sing karaoke when they have a terrible voice- if everyone is doing it, they have to as well.

(3) Men put a lot of pressure on themselves to do V-day "exactly right" and as a result most of the time they do it exactly wrong!

(4) Men don't believe their girl when she says that "it's the thought that counts" and that they don't need to do anything fancy. They don't believe her because they have "lived through" torturous Valentine's days in the past.

(5) Men don't really give a crap about Valentine's Day even if they say they do. It's like when they feign excitement about going to the opera, the dentist or a Barry Manilow concert. Hence, any effort they put forth, any effort at all, a gal should be excited about and should praise.

(6) Men can't write gushy poems, they just can't, so don't expect one and be happy if he buys you are card and signs "love." Yes, we have all heard a guy read a poem that he supposedly wrote for his girl at a wedding or birthday party, but chances are, his best female friend or his sister wrote it or he copied it off the Internet; trust me, he didn't write it himself!

Here's what I know... Women need romance on Valentine's Day

Are you a little nervous about how to romance your gal on Valentine's Day?

Here's what I know...

(1) Women love Valentine's Day and will be very upset and disappointed if you don't do something.

(2) Chances are you will never be as romantic as she wants you to be, so just try your best to be sweet.

(3) Spend time thinking about THE SPECIFIC GIRL you are dating and what she likes. Don't go buy her what your ex- girlfriend liked or what your sister would like. Buy her something she specifically would like.

(4) Be creative and thoughtful. Most women prefer this to expensive impersonal gifts. (Although a splurge gift is nice to as long as its from the heart!)

(5) Make sure you get her a Card. She is expecting one and if you don't get her one, this will cause a fight. You don't have to go all mushy, even a funny one is fine; just get one!

(6)Keep in mind that she is hoping you won't screw up but at the same time, she is actually expecting you to screw up. This is a good thing for you because the bar is very low. Just try to be romantic and she will notice and appreciate the effort!