A vital part of the Samantha's Table process is the feedback that a client receives after his or her dates and the feedback that Samantha provides the client about his or her dating habits. After each date, Samantha asks the client to email or phone her with detailed feedback on what he or she thought of his or her date so that she can fine-tune the next date. In addition, Samantha gets feedback from the person with whom she sent her client out on the date. Once Samantha obtains such feedback, if she was told anything that she thinks would help the client be a better dater, good or bad, she will share it with the client, so he or she can learn from each date. Samantha's clients love the feedback part of the process because they find that they rarely, if ever, get to hear the truth about how they behave on a date. They tell Samantha that often times their friends "sugarcoat" their critiques. Samantha's clients appreciate the fact that she is honest with them and share constructive criticism with them, so that when they go out in the dating world, they date in the most effective way possible.If you are interested in having a hometown search done for you, please fill out the registration form on the website and we will be in touch to see if we can arrange this.