"I was skeptical when I first hired Samantha, I wasn't sure why and how she would find better dates for me than I could myself. But, she does and she did on every single date."

       -Robert, CEO, Entertainment and media company


"You know that you have a lot in common with a person when you are both not only marathon runners and francophiles but you also both have a dog named Max!"

       -Steven, business owner


"I resisted meeting one woman Samantha wanted me to meet because I tended to be partial to brunettes; well, now I am married to that woman and I've become partial to blonds!"

       -Dave, Surgeon


"It took me awhile to finally take the plunge and sign up for the service. I was really nervous that all the women would think I was a loser for using a Matchmaker. However, Samantha made all the women understand that I use the service because I am just so busy at work. The women didn't have a problem with it at all; as it turned out they were really excited for our date."

       -Tom, Venture Capitalist


"I would recommend Samantha's Table to anyone. Samantha is very accessible and personable and she just "gets it"!  I met my husband on my third date that Samantha set me up on. We dated for 10 months and then got married. Thanks Samantha!"

       -Debbie, Lawyer


"My friends and I always had fun when we went out at night, yet none of us would ever meet the type of women we wanted to meet. We would rationalize that maybe we weren't ready, but the real problem was that we weren't meeting women who we considered marriage material- they weren't the mother of my children, my wife.  So, then I spoke with Samantha. I told her exactly what, actually for whom I was looking. It took a few tries, and then came my wife.

       - Rich, owner, Hedge Fund


"I have always been so busy with my career that I found myself having very little time to search for my mate. Then I spoke to Samantha. She got to know me, and it seems she really understands me because she helped me find the woman I am marrying this fall!"

       - Brent, Managing Director, Investment Bank


"I used to find meeting other intelligent successful people to be very difficult, until I met Samantha. Samantha helped me meet the people I really wanted to meet, especially my husband to whom I have been married for 3 years! "

       - Maria, Lawyer


"I had moved to a new city and I had no idea how I was going to meet people especially the kind of people I wanted to meet. I was pretty nervous that I would end up sitting at home every night watching TV. But then I came in contact with Samantha. Right away I felt comfortable with her and I believed she would be able to introduce me to "the right people" as she puts it. Sure enough she did; she introduced me to my husband, and we are forever grateful"

       - Dr. Gayle


"I live in LA, do the LA thing, see all the same people at all the industry events.  I hired Samantha because she said she would find me women that I wasn't finding myself; she did.  She found me a stunning, down to earth and smart woman, I didn't think they existed in LA."

       -David, TV Producer


"The date that Samantha sent me on was the best blind date I have ever been on. I expected to want to leave after 30 minutes, we were out for close to 6 hours!"

       -Bill, Partner, Private Equity firm