What Is It?

Samantha's Table is an exclusive, high-end and confidential professional matchmaking service, run by modern-day matchmaker, Samantha Daniels. Samantha personally arranges introductions for her clients over drinks, so as to give them the ability to meet people in an efficient way without the pressure of having to sit through a full meal. Samantha’s clients are very busy individuals who have no trouble getting their own dates but who  have just not yet found that one person with whom they would like to spend the rest of their lives and share all of their successes. They hire Samantha to  focus on “quality” over quantity. Samantha’s goal is to help every client get into a meaningful and long lasting relationship with someone who has “the full package” for the client- beauty, intelligence, success and good family values.

Samantha runs her business quite differently from many other matchmakers in that she does not restrict herself to only introducing clients to other clients. Instead, often times, Samantha introduces her clients to her social acquaintances, people she knows personally on a social or professional level, as well as people who have paid to meet with her to be kept in mind. All of these people end up in Samantha’s database and these people are only available to her clients as potential dates because of Samantha’s personal relationships with them.

Samantha’s personal relationships stem from working on Wall Street, working as an attorney, being integrally involved in the Hollywood and media communities, being active in many charitable and cultural organizations, attending the most prestigious and coveted events in the country, traveling around the world, as well as being personal friends with many single people who live similar fast-paced and interesting lives.

In addition because Samantha maintains a very full and active social life in and around New York Los Angeles and many other cosmopolitan cities around the world, Samantha is constantly expanding her database and finding her clients more and more potential mates. Samantha sees the entire country and specifically New York and Los Angeles as having endless opportunities from which she can draw potential dates for her clients. Hence, Samantha can continually introduce her clients to a stream of individuals who very closely match the profile of that "right" person.