Hometown Search

A hometown search is for someone who does not live In New York or Los Angeles, but who still wants to become a client of Samantha’s Table. In a hometown search, Samantha will come to where you live and actually customize a database of eligible people for you. Samantha will do strategic and discreet outreach for you to identify the people in your greater hometown area (Samantha and you will decide how far the reach will go) who closely match the criteria you are looking for in a mate. Once Samantha has created this personalized database for you, she will set you up with the people she has found for you in a confidential and comfortable way. These searches are very effective because the database has been created just for you, keeping in mind who you are as an individual, your lifestyle and the type of people you are look to date.

If you are interested in having a hometown search done for you, please fill out the registration form on the website and we will be in touch to see if we can arrange this.