Q: How is the service provided by Samantha's Table different from just going on a blind date that one of your friend's arranges?

A: The service provided by Samantha's Table is very different from the blind dates your friends arrange for you because Samantha strategically chooses the people who you will be dating after screening the many single people whom Samantha knows. Your friends, on the other hand, tend to introduce you to people who are simply single and available and they spend very little time thinking about whether or not you have anything in common, other than the fact that you are both single and looking to meet someone.

Q: How is the service provided by Samantha's Table different from dating apps?

A: The service provided by Samantha's Table is very different from Dating App dating in that Samantha's service is very personalized. Samantha works as an intermediary between you and the people with whom you will be going on the dates and she provides accurate and verified information about them. Given the fact that Samantha gets to know you, she chooses people for you whom she thinks are appropriate for you. With dating apps or online dating, you, on your own, must verify that the people are who they say they are and you, yourself must make the determination as to whether or not it makes sense to meet a specific person. In addition, dating apps can be time-consuming, whereas Samantha spends time sifting through potential people for you, so you, as a busy professional can maximize your time.

Q: How is the service provided by Samantha's Table different from other Dating Services?

A: Samantha's Table is different from many other dating services in that Samantha does not simply set the clients up with each other, she sets my clients up with any single person with whom she comes in contact, whether or not they have enlisted her services or paid Samantha any money as long as she thinks the person would be appropriate. In this way, Samantha can use all the country as a potential venue for finding appropriate dates for her clients.

Q: Do "normal" people really use Matchmakers?

A: Matchmaking has become a very acceptable and "in vogue" way of meeting people. Samantha's clients are very "normal", they are attractive, intelligent, successful, interesting, and social. They date a lot and often but they are also very busy with work and with hobbies so they are choosing to maximize their time by hiring a professional to help them locate their mate.

Q: Where do you find the people with whom I go on my dates?

A: Samantha finds the dates for her clients anywhere and everywhere she goes. Samantha attends charity events, art openings, restaurant and store openings, fashion events, and cocktail parties in an effort to find appropriate dates for her clients. Samantha puts out "feelers" to friends and friends of friends for certain types of people that have been requested by her clients. And Samantha approach interesting, attractive people in a discreet way that she sees in her everyday life like at the health club, in the Doctor's office or in an office building in an effort to locate the right people for her clients.

Q: How do people who are not clients feel about going out on dates with Samantha's clients? 

A: Samantha's Table has been in business for 19 years. In this time, Samantha has sent out thousands of dates in and around the NY and LA area and have helped countless people get into meaningful, long-term relationships. As a result, almost everyone in these cities has already experienced a Samantha's Table date or has a friend who has gone out on one of Samantha's dates. and "survived it". Hence, people are flattered and excited to be asked to go out with one of Samantha's clients, as they know from personal experience that her clients are interesting, attractive and very desirable.

Q: What does it mean for me to be put in the Samantha’s Table database? Am I guaranteed introductions?

A: We place single people in our database so we can keep them in mind for our active clients. We can make no guarantees that once you are placed into our database that you will, in fact, be introduced to one of our clients; this will depend upon the type of people for which our clients are asking at any time. If you are an appropriate match for one of our clients, we will reach out to you and ask you if you would like to go on the date. We might reach out to you one time, 5 times or we might never reach out to you, it is really just a function of the type of people our clients are inquiring about. Many single people will place themselves into the Samantha’s Table database so they can be on our radar screen, understanding that there are no guarantees on introductions.

Q: Is there a particular religion you work with?

A: Samantha works with all religions. If you are interested in only dating people of your own religion, this is fine. And if you are not particular as to the religion of the person you are dating, Samantha can accommodate this as well. The key is that Samantha can provide the type of people you want to meet.

Q: What if I don't live in New York or Los Angeles?

A: If you do not live in NY or LA, you can still work with Samantha. She offers two options for this:

(1) You can become a "Bi-city client." Samantha has many clients who do not live in NY or LA full-time yet come through one of the two cities regularly for business or personal reasons. These clients are interested in being introduced to people in NY or LA because their life is such that meeting their significant other in NY or LA could work for them. In this instance, Samantha would make introductions for you according to your travel schedule when you are in town and she would introduce you to people who have a flexible lifestyle and who are open to the possibility of being in a relationship that takes place in several cities and/or ultimately relocating for the right person.

(2) Samantha can do a "Hometown Search" for you. This option works for someone who does not come to NY or LA regularly but who nonetheless would like to work directly with Samantha. In a "hometown search," Samantha will come to where you live and actually customize a database of eligible people for you. She will do strategic and discreet outreach for you to identify the people in your greater hometown area (you and Samantha will decide how far the reach will go) who closely match the criteria you are looking for in a mate. These searches are very effective because the database has been created just for you, keeping in mind who you are as an individual, your lifestyle and the type of people you are look to date.

Q: Do you take every person who contacts you as a client?

A: Samantha's service is very popular. She gets contacted by close to 200 people every week who are interested in becoming clients. Samantha makes sure that when she takes on a client that she will be able to provide them with the type of people that they are interested in meeting. Therefore, Samantha does in fact turn down many prospective clients if she thinks that their expectations are not reasonable. Hiring a Professional Matchmaker is like finding a partner, the chemistry and connection need to feel “right.”