The Samantha's Table database is a database of single individuals who live in and around New York, Los Angeles and many other cosmopolitan cities across the globe and with whom Samantha has come in contact in a variety of ways over a number of years. Samantha's database is unique in that it is populated with people Samantha has met in her everyday life. Perhaps she met someone in her database while she was working on Wall Street, working as an attorney, serving on one of many charity committees, attending an exclusive, invitation only store opening, movie premiere or charity benefit, spending time at her summer home in the Hamptons, working in the media and entertainment industry or while living or traveling abroad. Or perhaps someone in the database is just a friend of a friend who was referred to Samantha in a six degrees of separation way.

Most people in Samantha's database are Samantha's personal social acquaintances. However people are also added to her database by registering on the Samantha's Table site. Then, when Samantha thinks that a new person would be an appropriate and vital addition to her database, Samantha schedules an in-person, one on one meeting to get to know them on a more personal level because Samantha never sets up a client with a member of her database unless and until she meets that individual in person. There are over 25,000 people in Samantha's database, all eligible singles, and all potential dates for you.