Here's what I know... A woman's definition of "sweet"

Did you ever notice that a woman gets more excited about telling her friends how sweet you were than she was when you were so sweet to her?

Here's what I know...

(1) Women love sweet gestures. They make them feel all gooey inside.

(2) Sweet is different from giving an 'obligation gift" on a birthday or on Valentine's Day. Sweet is when you get her flowers on a Tuesday, "just because" or when you send her an e-card or "a special email" (instead of your usual grunted, one word answers) just to say you were thinking of her.

(3) Sweet is the thing that the girls will brag about to their friends for a very long time."How sweet is this, he figured out from an old photo album that I love purple tulips and then he scanned the city to find them because they are so rare and got them for me. I never even told him that I love purple tulips and hate red roses, he just figured it out. Isn't that soooooo sweet?!"

(4) Sweet doesn't have to be expensive or even cost anything. Think...whatever will make her and her friends say "ahhhhh!"

(5) Sweet is different than sappy or queer. Sweet is when you bring her chicken soup and leave it with her doorman. Sappy is when you fly home to bring her chicken soup or you take off a day of work to rub her feet.

(6) Sweet is different than stalkerish. Sweet is when you remember that she loves rice pudding and you drop it off to her doorman while she is at the office, so she has a pleasant surprise when she gets home. Stalkerish is when you are sitting in her lobby waiting for her with rice pudding without telling her you were stopping by!