Can You Tell Your Boyfriend How To Dress?

Women are often more fashion conscious than their partners, and often try to make their man dress their best. This is because women want to see their man looking as handsome and sexy as possible. Sometimes a certain fit of t-shirt or jeans can make him look this way, so they want him to wear it.
Miley likes Liam's outfit here.

Popstar Miley Cyrus tells Liam Hemsworth that he is not allowed to wear polo shirts because she doesn’t like the way they look on him. Is this acceptable? After all, she just wants him to look his best.

However, if your boyfriend started telling you what you can and cannot wear it would most probably cause an argument.

So if your boyfriend doesn’t dress in a style you find appealing, or worse than that has not real style at all in his wardrobe, is it acceptable for you to decide what he will and will not wear? Do you think your boyfriend would mind you dressing him up like your own man-barbie?