Here's what I know... Women need romance on Valentine's Day

Are you a little nervous about how to romance your gal on Valentine's Day?

Here's what I know...

(1) Women love Valentine's Day and will be very upset and disappointed if you don't do something.

(2) Chances are you will never be as romantic as she wants you to be, so just try your best to be sweet.

(3) Spend time thinking about THE SPECIFIC GIRL you are dating and what she likes. Don't go buy her what your ex- girlfriend liked or what your sister would like. Buy her something she specifically would like.

(4) Be creative and thoughtful. Most women prefer this to expensive impersonal gifts. (Although a splurge gift is nice to as long as its from the heart!)

(5) Make sure you get her a Card. She is expecting one and if you don't get her one, this will cause a fight. You don't have to go all mushy, even a funny one is fine; just get one!

(6)Keep in mind that she is hoping you won't screw up but at the same time, she is actually expecting you to screw up. This is a good thing for you because the bar is very low. Just try to be romantic and she will notice and appreciate the effort!