Here's what I know... "Must-haves" go out the window when you like someone

Did you ever notice that as soon as you "like like" someone, all those "must-haves", those characteristics that you absolutely thought you needed in a life partner get rationalized away?

Here's what I know...

(1) When you "like like" someone, you will start thinking to yourself that being with someone with a full head of hair or who can ski and golf just isn't that important.

(2) When you "like like" someone, you start wondering why you thought that one quality was oh so important yesterday but now today it just doesn't see to matter, especially when he is so generous in bed or when he bought you the most thoughtful Valentine's Day gift.

(3) Once you have been dating for a long time, you realize that connection is rare, so if you find someone who has many of the things you are looking for, but not everything, you tend to overlook the missing things.

(4) You should subscribe to my "85 % rule." If you find someone who has 85 % of the things you are looking for, you should run to the altar instead of holding off for the 100 % that you will NEVER get. Keep in mind, that if you "throw back" 85% to go fish again; the next person will just be 85% again, just a different 85%.

(5) "Love" makes you forget the little stupid things that aren't really that important because you feel happy.

(6) Everyone has a list of "non-negotiables" when it comes to finding their mate, but many times several things on that list really aren't non-negotiables, they are really just "preferences" that you can rationalize away in a heartbeat when you find the right person.