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I'm thrilled to share some recent coverage of my business at Here's an excerpt from the article:
Samantha Daniels is the owner of Samantha’s Table, a matchmaking service for the “discerning and discreet”. Samantha runs her service a little differently in that she does not only introduce clients to other clients. Often times Samantha will introduce clients to people she knows socially on personal or professional levels. They are available as dates to her clients only because of the personal relationships she has with them. Samantha focuses her efforts in the New York City and Los Angeles markets. She introduces people one-on-one over drinks, thereby avoiding the stress of a long awkward dinner. As with most matchmakers, the intro fee of $25,000 can go up depending on the package best suited to the client.

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10 New Year's Resolutions to Help You Find Love in 2014

(Originally appeared on The Huffington Post on December 27, 2013.)

Every year at about this time, people start to think back on the year that is coming to a close, and reflect upon all the things they didn't accomplish that they had hoped they would. For single people, often high up on that list is the fact that they didn't get married or get into that significant relationship for which they had been looking. Instead of harping on things you can't change from the past, here are some New Year's resolutions that might actually help you find and fall in love in 2014:

Did your year not end with
a New Year's kiss?
1. Remove negative influences from your life. Whether or not you want to admit it, there is negativity all around you. Acknowledge this and do your darndest to remove it from your life. This means negative friends, relatives and colleagues.

2. Date people you wouldn't usually date. All single people get into dating ruts from time to time. If you know that your dating life has hit a familiar pattern that always ends up poorly, make a resolution to date differently in 2014. Date people you wouldn't usually date and see if this changes your relationship luck.

3. Join an online dating site, even if you think you are not that kind of person. Face the facts: in this day and age, almost every single person is either online dating or working with a professional matchmaker like myself. If you rationalize that online dating is just not for you, you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to meet someone who could be your mate. Just take a deep breath and do it.

4. Move to a new home, if you have been procrastinating doing so. One of the things I constantly hear from single people is that they refrain from moving because they might meet their significant other, and then what? This is a bad excuse. You will be more apt to meet your honey if you are living your life and moving forward. It would be a high class problem if you need to figure out what to do with your new home because you met the One.

5. Reach out to old friends with whom you have been meaning to catch up. With sites like Facebook and LinkedIn being all the rage, you have no excuse for not reconnecting with old friends. Just friend them somewhere, make a plan to get together and then see if they know someone great for you. Friends love introducing their friends to each other.

6. Participate in an activity that is outside your comfort zone. Doing new things is a great way to expand your social circles and meet new people. Go ahead and choose something you have always wanted to do, but have never done. Join a baseball league, join a tennis club, take a cooking class, just do something and keep your eyes open for other single people while you are doing it.

7. Get a date makeover, so you look and feel your best. It's always good to change your look a little to shake things up in your dating life. Go ahead and get a new haircut, add highlights to your hair, go buy a new sexy date outfit that will wow the opposite sex or buy a new color lipgloss. Make a change and you will be surprised how many people will notice you in a different way and compliment you too.

8. Get fit and healthy. This needs to be a top priority in 2014. Stop making excuses that this doesn't matter, because it absolutely does. Being fit and healthy is the number one characteristic that both men and women tell me is of importance to them in a mate. Take a step to becoming more fit and you will see a huge difference in your dating life.

9. Do some self analysis about why are not in love. You are the only constant in every one of your dating situations and in every relationship which you have been in. You need to take a very long, hard look at how you are being perceived in the dating world and then make some important changes to improve that perception. Are you too negative? Do you play too hard to get? Are you not feminine enough? Are you too picky? Do you never have a plan for the date? Are you commitment-phobic? Figure out what you can improve or change and do it, immediately.

10. Stop the booty calls with people who are not real contenders. It's time to be smart if you are looking for a real relationship. My mother always told me that if you have someone in your life, no matter how inconsequential, you are not trying as hard to meet someone else because you are distracted. This is fact. Get rid of Late Night Larry or Late Night Linda if you want to meet your true love in 2014.

Samantha Says: If You Are Having A Crappy Day, Cancel Your Date

If you are having a crappy day, you are better off canceling your date. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and you don't want to blow it because you had a bad day at the office. Reschedule for another day when you will be able to really show off your best self!

Would You Go On A Group Blind Date?

Would you go on a blind group date? NYC start-up Grouper is offering its users the opportunity to do just that by arranging for two groups of friends (typically a group of girls and group a guys) to meet up at a local bar or restaurant. I offered up my opinion on Grouper on a recent article.

Here's an excerpt:

Samantha Daniels, president of Samantha's Table Matchmaking, said that millennials' noncommittal nature has shaped the way they approach their offline social life, and Grouper is tapping into that shift.

Grouper said users also have made romantic connections through the more informal group gatherings.

"Most of the time, people want to meet people through friends—there's a comfort level," Daniels said. "The success rate may not be as high as a more traditional way of meeting someone. But like my grandmother says, 'If you're invited somewhere, you should always go.' You never know what's going to happen."

Splitting The Cost Of The Engagement Ring: Would You Do It?

Would you split the cost of an engagement ring? I chimed in about going dutch on the ring in this piece by Lilit Marcus on Here's an excerpt:

Samantha Daniels, professional matchmaker and founder of Samantha's Table Matchmaking, has noticed more couples paying jointly for a ring.

“Today, because both the man and woman earn money and contribute to the financials and the decision-making, it’s not surprising that both of them are involved in all aspects [of choosing and paying for the ring],” she told “I think it makes for a better connection between the two people.”

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Samantha’s Dating Thought: How Do Finances Change When You Move In Together?

A lot of people wonder whether their finances will get better or worse if and when they move in with their significant other. Here are a few things to consider:

  • You will be sharing the costs of all the utilities in the home, so this will mean more money in your pocket each month. However, the two of you need to discuss how these expenses are going to get paid and who is taking care of them.
  • You will discover very quickly that your spending habits aren't exactly similar even though the two of you tend to live similarly. For example, you might want to have a DVR in every room in your house whereas your partner thinks one for the whole house is sufficient. Or, he might want the heat or AC to be on all day, even when no one is home, whereas you always were in the habit to turning it off when you leave for work. This is okay as long as you discuss this and determine how the two of you are going to deal with the small differences that you discover.
  • You will need to decide who is going to be the one who pays the bills, as in, who is going to write the checks, push send on the online banking site, etc. It is usually better for just one of you to take care of this task, so that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • It is always a good idea to put together a budget. It doesn't have to be fancy or super detailed, but, by doing this, at least the two of you can see what's what, what you have, what you want to put away to save for the future and what kind of lifestyle is the right lifestyle for the two of you to be living without ending up in debt.
  • Regardless of how you are going to divy up the expenses, it is always a good idea to get a joint bank account that is ear-marked for household expenses. In this way, you don't have to have a discussion, every time you need more toilet paper, need to pay the housekeeper or need to do a grocery run. Make sure that you set parameters on how you use the joint account so there are no surprises.

What other changes did you notice in your finances when you moved in with your love?

Samantha Says: Stop Wasting Time When Dating

When you are looking  for someone with whom to to build a life, you need to be realistic as to which relationships have a higher probability of going somewhere, and which do not. 

You don’t want to waste three years dating a guy who isn’t ready to settle down, because at the end of those three years, you will be no closer to your goal of getting married and you will feel like you wasted a lot of time. 

A Romantic Countryside Restaurant: Cucina

It’s nice to get out of the city sometimes and explore the countryside, and its even better if you find somewhere nice to stop for lunch. Cucina is in Woodstock, which I know is famous for its hippies, but this restaurant is casually sophisticated and bucks the trend of the town. It serves Italian food in a renovated farmhouse with exposed beams. The sandwiches and appetizers are great if you are just looking for a light bite, and their pizzas are delish if you are having a full meal. 

The restaurant is open every night of the week and for brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Check out the rustic and romantic atmosphere at Cucina this spring!
Perfect for dinner in the countryside

Samantha's Dating Ponder-How Do You Know When Your Relationship is Exclusive?

There comes a crossroads in every relationship when it is time to make things exclusive; just you and your partner. How do you make that move though? It is a bold and often scary step, especially for men, to commit to just one relationship. In order to set the record straight with out any awkwardness, you need to communicate with each other. It may happen one day when one of you plans it out or it may just be a sudden urge you feel when you look at someone and realize you really care about them and don't want them seeing anyone else. Be careful not to assume that just because you have stopped seeing other people does not mean that your partner has stopped seeing other people, which is why the exclusivity of your relationship needs to be communicated. Don't rush it; if things have been going well for a month or two, then  go ahead and bring it up when you feel comfortable. If talked about too soon, you may ruin whatever budding relationship is forming and scare your partner away. As long as you communicate and take things nice and easy, you will avoid any awkward conversations and get what you really want out of your new relationship.

Samantha's Dating Thought-Add More Fun to Date Night!

Tired of the same old date night at a local restaurant? Well, head to a comedy club instead! Whether you prefer improvisations or stand-up comedy, there is something for all personalities to enjoy. Comedy clubs usually serve dinner and can provide a more intimate setting between you and your beau because you will be sharing many laughs and whispering about how funny the performances are. If you want to plan ahead, do some research and see when your favorite comedians are in town. Most comedy clubs feature large tables so gather your old friends to share a great time had by all! You and your honey will be sure to remember all the laughs you shared which, in turn, will strengthen your relationship and improve your bond with each other.

Samantha's Dating Thought-How Mixed Signals Can Ruin a Budding Romance

New romances can be tough for many reasons. For one, you may feel a little shy in the beginning  and may not communicate your thoughts and feelings quite as well as you would like. Your new beau may think you're content when you're not or think that you are not interested when you are. Communication is key. There is nothing wrong with letting someone know how you feel because if you don't you could unintentionally send mixed signals and that could ruin  your relationship. You don't want your partner to think that your interest level is at a zero when it's at a 100, do you? Additionally, if you are not ready to get intimate yet with your new flame, steer clear of any sayings or flirty texts that might make it seem like you are, so that your beau doesn't think you are ready to get it on when you are not.  You don't want someone you like to get discouraged for the wrong reasons.  It is  important  to express how you really feel and tell your partner and it's okay to tell him or her that you want to take things slowly, so that things will last. Your honey will appreciate your honesty and in turn fall for you all the more!

Samantha's Style Pick-Who Wears Short Shorts?

The summer is a great time to meet new people and have a fun summer romance that might lead into a real relationship. One of the best ways to get to know someone and spend time with a new special someone is enjoying outdoor activities together in the summer sun. Whether you are taking a stroll in the streets of your neighborhood or hitting the beach, short shorts are essential to summer dating. They allow you to move freely if you are partaking in outdoor activities with a new beau and look sexy without really trying. Having trouble finding the perfect pair? Try Blank NYC jeans. They have shorts in all colors; blue jean denim, khaki and colored denim to really brighten your outfit. Visit your closest Bloomingdales or Lord and Taylor to pick a stylish and sexy new pair today!

Samantha's Dating Thought-Get Active Together!

Summer is the perfect time to do outdoor activities with your honey. And even if you are not  the "outdoorsy" type,  how about a round of mini-golf on a warm, summer night? Mini-golf is a fun activity for getting to know each other and catching up with your special someone, whether it is a first date or you are in a long-term relationship.

 If it's a date and you are a little nervous, bring your friends along; mini-golf makes for a great group date as well! It's okay if you aren't a real pro like Phil Mickelson at this game because your man will just appreciate that you are making the effort. Plus, the really bad shots make for some great laughs that the two of you can share all the way home.

Samantha's Dating Tips- Your ex or not?

Rumor has it that Pippa Middleton and boyfriend Alex Loudon are back together after reportedly splitting shortly after the Royal Wedding in April. Have you been thinking about trying to get back together with your ex like Pippa? Here are a few tips if you are...

1. Don't fall into old patterns: Make sure you both really believe things will be different this time around and you won't fall back into old patterns. The last thing you want is for your relationship to be exactly the same as it was the first time you two were together with the same problems arising.

2. Take things slow: You can't rush love. Take things slow and don't hurry right back into a full-fledged relationship. There is a reason why things ended badly the first time around. Take time to work out all your issues so during the second go around, your bond will be much stronger.

3. Make sure you are getting back together for the right reasons: Think about the other aspects of your life and make sure you are getting back with your ex for the right reasons. Rekindling an old relationship will not solve all of your other problems. It is not beneficial to get back with an old flame just because you are lonely or because things aren't going well at work. Before getting serious, make sure you are getting into a relationship with your ex because you actually want to be in a relationship with that person and not for some other reason.