Samantha's Dating Thought: Can Vacation Romances Last?

If you're single and heading out of town for vacation this summer, you might be crossing your fingers for a passionate vacation romance. Vacation romances occupy a special place in our hearts. They thrill us because they have a set expiration date. When we're in the midst of one, we can already feel it metamorphosing into a precious memory. And once one is over, we feel teased by what was an impossible love, however, knowing that it was the impossibility that gave it its heightened sense of meaning.

If you decide that you don't want your summer romance to turn into a memory, and instead want to bring it home with you to real life, there are a few questions you should first ask yourself:

  • Are you sure that your new love is single and available? People will often use vacations as excuses to cheat on their partners. Make sure this isn't your love.
  • Would your lives fit together? Do you have common interests, values, and ways of life? While you're away from home, you may allow yourself to overlook these important commonalities, and not see the potential flaws in your new lover. 
  • If your love doesn't live in your area, are you willing to put in all of the labor that a working long-distance relationship requires? 

If your answer to these three questions is"yes", it is definitely worth exploring this relationship at home in real life. If not, it may be best to relinquish this romance, knowing that it will always live as a treasured memory.

Samantha's Dating Thought-Soak Up the Sun

Sadly, the summer is almost over and the beautiful and sunny weather will be gone before you know it. That's why you should make the most of the time that is left and go on some outdoor dates with a long-time beau or a new flame. Summer is a great time for dating because you look healthy and feel great. Outdoor dates are a ton of fun because they are exciting. Some of the most fun outdoor dates during the summer are in the water. You can have a casual day and rent a boat and share a nice picnic with your favorite foods. If you decide to get a little adventurous, learn a new water sport together! Rent some waterskis or jetskis and you and your date will both have a great time. Teaching each other how to jetski or waterski will leave you smiling all day because you are both guaranteed to have some clumsy moments. So get out there, soak up some sun and enjoy the rest of summer with someone you really care about!

Samantha's Dating Thought-Get Active Together!

Summer is the perfect time to do outdoor activities with your honey. And even if you are not  the "outdoorsy" type,  how about a round of mini-golf on a warm, summer night? Mini-golf is a fun activity for getting to know each other and catching up with your special someone, whether it is a first date or you are in a long-term relationship.

 If it's a date and you are a little nervous, bring your friends along; mini-golf makes for a great group date as well! It's okay if you aren't a real pro like Phil Mickelson at this game because your man will just appreciate that you are making the effort. Plus, the really bad shots make for some great laughs that the two of you can share all the way home.

Samantha's Dating Thought- Amuse Each Other!

The best dates are ones that last for hours and hours, where both of you never stop laughing. For a full day filled with summer sun and tons of fun, visit an amusement park to enjoy the thrilling rides, exciting games and entertaining parades. My favorite amusement park to visit for a day is Six Flags Great Adventure. The park gets busy fast, so make sure you leave early to beat the lines. They also always offer coupons for a free entry during the week or half-price tickets on the weekend. With a date at an amusement park, you and your honey will never get bored! Challenge each other to go on the scariest rides together. See who can make the funniest face in the photos snapped during the rides. This type of date is guaranteed to leave you smiling all day long and will turn into an adventure you will never forget!