Samantha's Dating Thought- Amuse Each Other!

The best dates are ones that last for hours and hours, where both of you never stop laughing. For a full day filled with summer sun and tons of fun, visit an amusement park to enjoy the thrilling rides, exciting games and entertaining parades. My favorite amusement park to visit for a day is Six Flags Great Adventure. The park gets busy fast, so make sure you leave early to beat the lines. They also always offer coupons for a free entry during the week or half-price tickets on the weekend. With a date at an amusement park, you and your honey will never get bored! Challenge each other to go on the scariest rides together. See who can make the funniest face in the photos snapped during the rides. This type of date is guaranteed to leave you smiling all day long and will turn into an adventure you will never forget!