Samantha's Dating Thought-How Mixed Signals Can Ruin a Budding Romance

New romances can be tough for many reasons. For one, you may feel a little shy in the beginning  and may not communicate your thoughts and feelings quite as well as you would like. Your new beau may think you're content when you're not or think that you are not interested when you are. Communication is key. There is nothing wrong with letting someone know how you feel because if you don't you could unintentionally send mixed signals and that could ruin  your relationship. You don't want your partner to think that your interest level is at a zero when it's at a 100, do you? Additionally, if you are not ready to get intimate yet with your new flame, steer clear of any sayings or flirty texts that might make it seem like you are, so that your beau doesn't think you are ready to get it on when you are not.  You don't want someone you like to get discouraged for the wrong reasons.  It is  important  to express how you really feel and tell your partner and it's okay to tell him or her that you want to take things slowly, so that things will last. Your honey will appreciate your honesty and in turn fall for you all the more!