Spring Style Pick: Bright Colored Wedges

Stylish Dolce Vita Wedges 
Not only are wedges very comfortable, they are also very stylish and totally in season for spring and summer. They are the perfect shoes for Spring, because they can be worn with jeans, skirts and shorts, so even if the sun isn’t shining, you can still wear them. Also, a peep-toe style, gives you the perfect excuse to start getting ready for the warm weather and get a pedicure. 

Bright colored wedges are fun, and will stand out, whatever you’re wearing. Black and nude styles are perfect for the office, and they will match almost anything. And guys are very attracted to women who seem tall but who are also wearing sexy shoes. Coming into stores in a variety of styles you can guarantee you’ll get a pair to match almost any outfit. Dolce Vita have a great selection of bright, stylish and practical pairs. Go grab a pair of wedges, and walk comfortably into summer!

Samantha's Dating Ponder-How Sexy is Too Sexy?

How sexy is too sexy? Women often think that men think women are most attractive when they are wearing skimpy and revealing clothing. However, this is not the case. Sometimes men will turn the other cheek if women are wearing something too sexy. "Too sexy" means a low cut and cleavage revealing shirt paired with an extremely tight and tiny mini skirt at the same time.  You will give off the vibe that you are too easy even if you are far from it. Men like to play games, especially guessing ones. So, wear a tight fitting dress but maybe one that isn't so low cut so they can guess what is underneath. Or match a flowy top with a pair of tight pants. Men are more likely to undress you with their eyes when you are revealing just one part of your body, like your legs or your back. Keep in mind that trying to make every part of you look sexy will just have the effect of looking sleazy. So, save the red leather mini skirt for a Halloween costume and leave something for the imagination! And when you get dressed for a night on the town, spend some time really thinking about how sexy is too sexy and alter your outfit before you leave the house.

Samantha's Style Pick-Who Wears Short Shorts?

The summer is a great time to meet new people and have a fun summer romance that might lead into a real relationship. One of the best ways to get to know someone and spend time with a new special someone is enjoying outdoor activities together in the summer sun. Whether you are taking a stroll in the streets of your neighborhood or hitting the beach, short shorts are essential to summer dating. They allow you to move freely if you are partaking in outdoor activities with a new beau and look sexy without really trying. Having trouble finding the perfect pair? Try Blank NYC jeans. They have shorts in all colors; blue jean denim, khaki and colored denim to really brighten your outfit. Visit your closest Bloomingdales or Lord and Taylor to pick a stylish and sexy new pair today!

Samantha's Style Pick-Rent Your Perfect Look

Rent The Runway

Ever wandered into the Bloomingdale's dress section and said "wow, I wish I could afford this? " Well, now you can! With a few easy clicks, you can register for "Rent The Runway," a website created for women by women with the biggest designer fashion names where women can rent their favorite styles from as low as $50! Even better, you get a second size to try for free! From names like Nicole Miller to Lily Pulitzer, there is something for everyone. Whether you have a black tie affair to attend or simply just a date night, Rent The Runway has all the style answers you will need. You can search by occasion or designer and can complete the look with the perfect accessories. So check it out and rent your perfect look; you will look and feel really special!