Samantha's Dating Ponder-How Sexy is Too Sexy?

How sexy is too sexy? Women often think that men think women are most attractive when they are wearing skimpy and revealing clothing. However, this is not the case. Sometimes men will turn the other cheek if women are wearing something too sexy. "Too sexy" means a low cut and cleavage revealing shirt paired with an extremely tight and tiny mini skirt at the same time.  You will give off the vibe that you are too easy even if you are far from it. Men like to play games, especially guessing ones. So, wear a tight fitting dress but maybe one that isn't so low cut so they can guess what is underneath. Or match a flowy top with a pair of tight pants. Men are more likely to undress you with their eyes when you are revealing just one part of your body, like your legs or your back. Keep in mind that trying to make every part of you look sexy will just have the effect of looking sleazy. So, save the red leather mini skirt for a Halloween costume and leave something for the imagination! And when you get dressed for a night on the town, spend some time really thinking about how sexy is too sexy and alter your outfit before you leave the house.