Would You Go On A Group Blind Date?

Would you go on a blind group date? NYC start-up Grouper is offering its users the opportunity to do just that by arranging for two groups of friends (typically a group of girls and group a guys) to meet up at a local bar or restaurant. I offered up my opinion on Grouper on a recent CNBC.com article.

Here's an excerpt:

Samantha Daniels, president of Samantha's Table Matchmaking, said that millennials' noncommittal nature has shaped the way they approach their offline social life, and Grouper is tapping into that shift.

Grouper said users also have made romantic connections through the more informal group gatherings.

"Most of the time, people want to meet people through friends—there's a comfort level," Daniels said. "The success rate may not be as high as a more traditional way of meeting someone. But like my grandmother says, 'If you're invited somewhere, you should always go.' You never know what's going to happen."

Samantha's Book Pick- "Have I Got a Guy for You"

Have I got a Guy for You by Alix Strauss

This author has penned several great books but this one in particular is my personal favorite. I caught up with this author recently who told me that the impetus for writing the book was how many times over the years her mother had set her up on one crazy blind date after the next. She started to wonder if it was only her own mother who was so unskilled at this self appointed job so she did some research, only to find out that it is actually an epidemic of these type of mother’s of single daughters all across the country! This book shares many deliciously funny stories of bad and crazy setups that a variety of Mothers crafted!