A Romantic Countryside Restaurant: Cucina

It’s nice to get out of the city sometimes and explore the countryside, and its even better if you find somewhere nice to stop for lunch. Cucina is in Woodstock, which I know is famous for its hippies, but this restaurant is casually sophisticated and bucks the trend of the town. It serves Italian food in a renovated farmhouse with exposed beams. The sandwiches and appetizers are great if you are just looking for a light bite, and their pizzas are delish if you are having a full meal. 

The restaurant is open every night of the week and for brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Check out the rustic and romantic atmosphere at Cucina this spring!
Perfect for dinner in the countryside

Samantha's Romantic Restaurant pick- Cuisine in a Barn


Sometimes it's nice to get out of the city and head to the country. Along the way, if you can find some top notch grub in a romantic setting, you need to make a pit-stop. Cucina is in Woodstock, that's right,  the town that is famous for hippy-dippies. Cucina presents it's food in a renovated farmhouse with exposed beams, and a rustic feel. And Cucina has yummy Italian food. They are famous for their pizzas, but I especially enjoyed their shrimp appetizer with white beans, tomato and rosemary. Yummy.