Samantha's August Movie Pick: Savages

A great looking case
Savages tell the story of pot growing best buddies who fight against the Mexican drug rulers to save the gorgeous O, played by Blake Lively. The Gossip Girl princess is in a three-way relationship with the best buddies, Ben and Chon: played by Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch. After Ben and Chon refuse to sign a deal that would give the Mexican drug rulers huge percentage of their profits, the rulers kidnap O, and tell her protectors that they are going to abuse her until they can come up with enough money to buy her back. Trying to kill people for revenge, and raise $13 million comes as a challenge to the friends, and they go through various hardships to eventually save their treasured girlfriend.

This movie was a big deal for Lively as an actress, as it includes two lengthy sex scenes and shows her playing a totally different character to what people are used to seeing.

The ending of the movie faced criticism because of its easy way out approach. With a dark storyline, some bloody scenes and a beautiful cast, Savages is interesting and believable, and worth a visit to go see at your nearest movie theatre. Check out the times and places in New York.

Samantha's Summer Couple Pick-Will They Sizzle or Fizzle?

Leighton Meester and Justin Long

The Gossip Girl star and funny guy were first spotted together in May, but now things are really heating up between the two! Sources say they have been spending a lot of time together in the city this summer; after filming, Meester has been spending her off hours at Long's apartment on the lower east side. The couple met in 2010 when Meester had a small role in the romantic comedy, Going the Distance, starring Long and Drew Barrymore, who he dated on and off for many years. Things seem to be going well for the two but how long will it last? What do you think? Will this relationship sizzle or fizzle?