Samantha's Book Pick- I always wanted to be a designer

Book- P.S.- I Made This by Erica Domesek

You have to admit that sometimes you wish you were a fashion designer. You see a dress and you think to yourself, if only I could nip this, tuck that, add a button, add a color, but you have no idea how to do this, so you  are stuck buying what's out there and making no adjustments. Well, pine no longer. In Domesek's book, P.S- I Made This, she actually helps you play designer for a day or many days. She provides step by step, easy to understand instructions and even illustrations for "doctoring" clothing, handbags, jewelry, shoes and belts. And the end product, something that is really cool, really wearable and really individualistically you. As for me, I am gearing up to try to make a lucite necklace. How much fun is that?