Samantha's "I'm obsessed" pick- They come in different colors

Heirloom Tomatoes

For those of you who think that a tomato is a tomato, you certainly have not experienced an Heirloom tomato. I have been a fan ,maybe an obsessed addict for over 8 years now. Besides the face that they are so healthy for you (high in lycopene which is one of the best antioxidants out there), they are truly yummy! The Heirlooms are in season for only a short time each year- in August, in September and if we are lucky early Oct (we are this year!). Why are they so good when they are actually so ugly and deformed? Heirloom tomatoes are
cultivated tomatoes that have been deliberately selected for their specific desirable characteristics. They are the Ferrari of tomatoes. And in terms of picking the best ones, the uglier the better; I mean it, choose ugly, they are most succulent.

As for the best variations-If you can find a Mr Stripey or an Old German, you will get to experience a tomato with a yummy marbleized inside. Don't miss the Green Zebra which is green with light green or yellow stripes on it. Then one of my personal favorites is Black Krim which is super dark red with the green top. And the most common Heirloom but still delich is the Brandywine which is red like a regular tomato but ugly.

As for some places to get them-- check out the outdoor market near Lincoln Center in Manhattan on Saturday but get there early and get there this weekend because this seriously might be your last chance this season!