Samantha's "I'm Obsessed" Pick- A New Kind of Supermarket

Trader Joe's

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical before entering this gargantuan establishment. I had been in one year's ago in Los Angeles, but all I remembered was long lines and lots of just okay generic brand food. However that was years ago and that wasn't in Manhattan so being the true curious Georgina that I am, I wondered in cautiously yesterday. The lines, they are still there so plan ahead but now I understand why people are willing to stand on those lines. They have everything in that store. And it's perfect for the busy NYer who doesn't really know how to cook but wants to make a romantic dinner for her beau because they have endless looking yummy pre-made foods. Even their produce looks fresh and good. And the prices, I felt like I was in Kansas, things are cheap in there, truly cheap. My burrata cheese that I love so much was $4.49 for 2 balls of it and it was yummy; I usually pay close to $15 for that in those ritzy establishments that I usually frequent!  I would say, it's worth a look see!