Here's what I know... Music is a good indicator of connection

Have you ever wondered if it matters that you and your beau have radically different music tastes?
Here's what I know...

(1) Connection can come from anything, but the more things you have in common, the more intense the relationship is going to be.

(2) Music can provide a really fun connection between two people, especially when you both feel comfortable enough to sing the words to the tunes outloud and off-key to each other!
(3) A good old-fashioned music concert with a band you both love is great foreplay!

(4) Even if he likes Led Zeppelin and you like Barry Manilow, but you both love Earth Wind and Fire and Fleetwood Mac, you have it made!
(5) If your music taste is not exactly the same, when you going on a trip in the car, you need to agree upfront that you will alternate music choices.

(6) Music is a hobby so it is not critical that you have the same taste in it, but it is important that you are open to exploring each other's taste.