Here's what I know... This is chemistry

Have you ever wondered what chemistry is and whether or not you are experiencing it with the person you are dating?

Here's what i know...

1. Chemistry is when you feel this involuntary need to touch or kiss the other person and you feel like you can't stop yourself from doing it.

2. Chemistry is when 4 hours passes and it feels like 15 minutes

3. Chemistry is when you eat food at a restaurant but you don't really remember if it was good or bad because you were more focused on the connection.

4. Chemistry is when you go home after seeing someone feeling like you took a drug because you are having a dopamine rush .
5. Chemistry is when you know deep down that this person might drive you crazy once in awhile, but will keep you interested for a lifetime.

6. Chemistry is when you just feel a pull to someone- a crazy feeling that you can't explain even when you don't think that person is right for you or even when you don't want to feel it.

7. Chemistry is not when you are not forcing conversation and trying to figure out activities to do with someone because you are fearful for that one on one time where you will have to admit that there is no real chemistry.

Check out the movie- Mr and Mrs Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie- the chemistry there was crystal clear, so much so that he left his wife for it!