Here's what I know... Women love confident men!

Have you ever wondered how confident is too confident when you are dating?

Here's what I know...

(1) Women love confident men!

(2) Women love take charge men.

(3) Women love men who make them feel like women!

(4) Women understand that you can't do the planning ALL the time, nor do they want you to do it all. However, women love the feel of a decision-making man. (Even if you are bad at decisions or a poor restaurant picker, in the beginning, a woman would rather you plan something than show up with no ideas and throw it to her!)

(5) Being confident is not about being bossy or being cocky or arrogant; none of those traits are appealing to women. Women are simply looking for a confident personality type and this comes from "your presence", your disposition and your attitude.

(6) April is the month of confident men, those Aries! So, girls if you love confident guys, find a guy who was born this month!