Here's what I know... Bad topics for a man to bring up on a date.

Did you ever wonder as a man what topics are off limits on a first date?

Here's what I know...

(1) Bad date topic- the specifics of what you do on your "guy's nights out". This is better left to their imagination and better left between you and your buddies.

(2) Bad date topic- how much weight your ex gained. You don't want your date to think you are a shallow jerk who will leave her when she gets pregnant, even if you are that shallow jerk.

(3) Bad date topic- how hot and sexy your ex was. You don't want your date, who might be very confident about her looks to start to second guessing her looks because thinks you are still obsessed with your ex.
(4) Bad date topic-How you think that you are going to get fired. Girls need to believe that if they end up with you, there will be a roof over her head and food on the table for the kiddies.

(5) Bad topic- how much kinky sex you are into. Most women will go with the flow in the sex category, once they are into you, however you don't want to scare them off on the first date.

(6) Bad date topic- any weird cheapnesses you have. She doesn't need to hear that you don't keep the heat on in 10 degree weather or that you go to your mom's to watch Entourage so you don't have to pay for HBO; she will find this out soon enough, no need to burst her bubble right away.