Only in NY?- 59 and 27!

Question- is it only in NY that a 59 year old divorced man who definitely looks his age thinks he is entitled to have a 27 yr old girl for his girlfriend? Or is it more of a NY or LA thing? Or a big city thing?

All I know is that in most places 59 year old men are becoming grandpas, not dating their granddaughters! What would be wrong with a 59 year old man dating, say a woman who is 35, let alone someone in her 40's????

But 27? Really, 27? Come on...

I personally think that the blame lies with the the 20 something year olds who date and have sex with the 59 year old doped up on Viagra guy. Am I right? If these girls could just said "No" when Grandpa comes a' knockin with promises of jewels and bonbons, then these men would have no choice but to "settle" for dating older, more age appropriate women. And then... perhaps... "the dating ecosystem" would begin to be restored.

Probably wishful thinking, huh, since we do live in the Big Apple and girls here do love their bonbons!!