The married guy or the 22 year old?

Question- Do you think that it would be better for two 30-something single girls, who might be looking for a little action or at least a date, to spend their time chatting with two married guys, or two 22 year olds?

I agree- the 22 year olds sound like they hold more promise. However, if I told you that the 22 year olds wanted to go do some "recreational drugs" in the hotel room that their trust fund parents rented for them for the night so they wouldn't have to venture out into the cold after a charity event taking place in the very same venue;who would you pick for the 30-somethings now?

I agree maybe the married guys. But... if these are the options for these 30-somethings on a cool pre-winter, winter night, then perhaps the recreational drug route might not be such a bad idea to numb the pain of "how did this become my life" existence!

Ughhh! The trials and tribulations of dating in NY!