If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck...

Here's the scenario-

Guy meets girl. Likes her. Asks her out. Calls her the very next day.

Girl returns phonecall and gets recording, "Phone is out of service." Girl texts guy to tell him phone is out of service.

One minute later, guy calls girl. She asks about his phone and he says he lost it, getting a new one in the morning. She asks how he knew she had just called, if he lost his phone. Guys says, he didn't, it was just fate. Girls thinks to herself, "corny answer, seems too coincidental," but she wants to believe it; after all she really wants a boyfriend.

Next night, they get together for drinks. Guess what? He has his old phone with him with the crack across the front. She remarks that she thought he lost his phone. He said that he remembered where he left it and picked it up this morning. Again, odd coincidence, but she wants to believe, after all, it's the holiday season and someone to cuddle with would be nice.

Guy and girl schedule second date. Guy texts her morning of the date to confirm. Girl confirms and says let's talk at end of the day. Guy calls at end of the day and they decide to get together between 7:30 and 8. Guy is going to make reservation and text girl what time he will pick her up.
7:30 comes, no call, no text.

8pm comes, no call, no text

8:20, girl texts him... "Hey, I am ready... you ready? :)" No reply.

9pm, girl calls him... "Hey, no pressure but its 9pm, and you had said you wanted to get together between 7:30 and 8, just wanted to check in and see if we are still on, make sure your plans didn't change. Call me."

No call.... all night! Girl was fully stood up.

Of course by 11 am, she is insisting to at least 6 of her girlfriends that something awful must have happened to him because no human being, no socially adept adult would just stand someone up for no good reason. She is sure there will be an excellent explanation and she believes this because after all she really wants a boyfriend

Girl goes to sleep.

11 am the next day, 4 text messages... "So sorry, I was watching football waiting for our date and my phone disappeared. We searched the entire bar, I couldn't find it. I was furious. I didn't have your number because it was on the phone. We finally found it at the end of the night in a pile of napkins that the busboy picked up but it was too late to call you. I will make it up to you"

Girl is laughing- this is what he is going to go with?- the lost phone again?? Two times in one week? Pleasssse. What happened to that horrible thing that was supposed to have happened to him??? She has some dignity, a little. No reply to guy.

Guy sends flowers and apologizes again. She takes his call, the yellow roses were nice. Girl is direct, tells him that she thinks he is married. Guy says not at all. It is all true. Guy asks girl to give him one more chance.

Girl, deep down thinks something is off but she wants to believe him, after all, it's Thanksgiving and she really does want a boyfriend, even if he does lose his phone, or not, alot!

Girl gives guy one more chance..tonight...

I am wondering if he will have his phone!