So another Oscar night came and went. Most people pay attention to the movies and winners, some pay attention to the fashion, and I pay attention to the romance. And boy was romance abound this year…

Even though there were no romantic comedies nominated for awards, there was still romance everywhere. All types of romance.

There were overt romantic gestures--the romantic gesture of the Desperate Housewives giving a heartfelt good luck wish to Felicity Huffman via satellite on the red carpet, there was George Clooney reminding us when he won his Oscar that he was voted the Sexiest man alive in People magazine in 1997, there was romantic vintage Dior dress that Reese Witherspoon was wearing that was a real honest to goodness original.

There were the Hollywood power couples like Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, William H Macy and Felicity Huffman who never looked better sitting front and center.

And there was young Hollywood but just as visible like Heath Ledger and his co star on and off screen a vision in yellow Michelle Williams and gorgeous Jessica Alba and Cash Warren.

Then there was furtive romance, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, all lovey Dovey in a corner booth at the Vanity Fair after party, Vince Vaughn playing protective Mother Hen when he met up with his gal and Oscar presenter Jen Aniston.

And lastly we had the sexy single bachelors , the men any girl would die to have- Jake Gillenhal, Jamie Foxx, and of course George Clooney. Who do we think will ultimately land George Clooney????