So I met with a new male client yesterday, he is 43, and what a refreshing change, he actually wants a woman close to his age. And no, he‘s not divorced nor has he already had kids. He just has realized that he has more in common with women his age than women who are substantially younger. And being the evolved and educated man that he is, he is not hung up on the biological time clock of a woman because he trusts the data that has been coming forth that women can have children well into their 40’s.

I know, I know, the “non evolved man” will argue this point and say that yes maybe women can have kids in their 40’s but maybe they can’t and why should they take a chance. I see the logic there as well.

However…. Think about this…. Let’s say you are a guy in your 40’s who seems your age, meaning if you polled 100 objective people and asked them how old you were, and these people were objective and not your friends who like to kiss your ass, these 100 people would say that you seem like a guy in your 40’s not younger at all. Now that doesn’t mean that you might not look younger than 40 but how you act, your demeanor and your interests all scream 40’s. Now, let’s say you’re that guy… You tell everyone you want to date a girl in her late 20’s or early 30’s. Why? Because you say you are more attracted to them, you have more in common with them and you don’t feel biological time clock pressure coming from them. Okay, that’s a fair answer, its your opinion, but did you ever stop and think about whether these girls are truly attracted to you, or is the attraction one sided?

Living in NY, you might be able to find a girl in her late 20’s or early 30’s who is still in that “I like free meals” phase who will give you a one shot chance at a date. But if you, Mr. 40’s guy are really honest with yourself, how many of those dates turn into second dates or more importantly into relationships. Now don’t rationalize that you didn’t like them anyway, be honest, how many? If you are the guy I am describing, probably not that many.

Moreover, are you that guy who trolls the teeny bobber parties? Meaning everyone else looks like they fit in, you distinctly look like YOU DON’T FIT IN. You might rationalize that you have a younger friend who is bringing you to the party so you are welcome there but you still can’t take away from the fact that you really don’t fit in there and that if you were completely honest with yourself, you know a lot of people are whispering about you and making fun of you for being there and for trying to rob the cradle.

I don’t mean to be harsh. But maybe its time to smell the roses….Maybe its time to become like my new client- evolved and most importantly realistic. Yes, being with a hot young girl might be nice but is it worth it to keep waiting and waiting for a young hottie to like you as you get older and older and older and stay alone? Perhaps, it would be better to be with an older hottie- women close to your age can be very hot- many of them are at the absolute prime of their life. Think about it—maybe its time to consider some other women as possible contenders for yourself!