The mustache question came up because My Name is Earl has become a popular show. Do we think Jason is hot????


BY Lauren Johnston
amNY.COM STAFF WRITER sat down with dating expert Samantha Daniels - founder of the matchmaking service Samantha's Table - for her thoughts on the mustache. Here's what she had to say:

Q: Do you get much feedback on the mustache from female clients now that it's making a comeback?
A: When I talk about facial hair with a woman, nine times out of ten she says she would be open to a beard, a goatee or a scruff, but not a mustache. I hear almost across the board that women don't like it. So I would say, that if it's on its way back, the men have an uphill battle.

Q: What's wrong with them?
A: A lot of women, especially in New York, just don't seem to feel that the mustache is "in."

Q: So are men hurting their dating odds by growing a mustache?
A: I think if you're really serious about dating and getting into a relationship, you want to put your best foot forward. If having a mustache hinders you, then I don't think you should have one. I would never tell someone to get rid of it just because I said so, but I would like men to know that women are not that keen on it right now.

Q: Is there anyone who can pull off a mustache?
A: If he's a really handsome guy and he also has the mustache - then I think women rationalize and think, 'Well, it kind of makes him look cool.' But if it's a guy that's not that attractive and then on top of that he has a mustache -- if the guy is relying on the mustache to give him looks - then I don't think so.

Q: Is there any guy you think looks sexy with a mustache?
A: Tom Selleck. He was a handsome, charming guy. He had that cool way about him. It was like his mustache was there, but you didn't even see it because it was part of the whole package and that's the way it needs to be.