Samantha's Dating Thought-Keep the Love Alive

The honeymoon phase in a relationship is always the best time; you and your new flame really open up and get to know each other, enjoy spending all of your time together and rarely get into any altercations. However, it unfortunately doesn't always last. Once couples start dating for the long haul, they can sometimes hit a rough patch. Here are a few tricks to avoid that and keep your marriage or long-term relationship alive:

1.  Romance your honey like you just started dating. Romancing your partner gives you the chance to show him/her how special they are to you. Do something subtle like leave a post-it note in the morning before work simply saying "I love you" or cook their favorite meal. They will be sure to feel appreciated and loved.

2. Make time. Whether you have been together for two years or 20 years, it can be hard to take time out of your busy schedule. However, this is a crucial part of keeping the love alive. Schedule weekly date nights; even if you can't make date night a night out, stay in together and do some of your favorite activities together. Most importantly, always make time to be intimate!

3. Take on new activities. Learning new things together is always a great way to bond with someone special. Take a ballroom dancing class, enroll in a cooking class or photography class. Whatever it is, make sure the two of you agree so you can really enjoy the experience.

4. Pretend that you
just met each other. If you and your beau act like you are still in the honeymoon phase, you will always be excited when you go out on dates. If you ask each other new questions, keep the conversations flowing and continue to open up to each other, you will never get bored.

5. Compliment each other. Compliments always make someone feel extra special, especially in public. Tell the cashier how he/she is the best chef you ever met or introduce your honey as the funniest person in the world. It will really boost their confidence and their love for you, making them feel extra sexy and wanting to get intimate with you when you're not in public anymore.