Samantha's Dating Ponder-Do Different Hobbies Make or Break a Relationship?

It is very rare that you will find someone who has the same exact hobbies that you do. Women love to watch sports just as much as men love to shop. However, different hobbies don't have to ruin your relationship! Being in a relationship is all about compromising and sometimes doing things with your partner even though you may not want to. So, take turns! One weekend you can go to your guy's favorite sporting event and the next weekend you can hit the mall together to pick up that new outfit you've had your eye on. It is important to acknowledge your honey's hobbies and if it is something you really do not want to be apart of, reassure your beau how much you care about them but that it's fune for him to go to the batting cage with the guys or to the newest chick flick with the girls. Sometimes alone time or time with friends will make your together time all the more special. And, as you spend more time with someone, you will find yourself even enjoying some of their hobbies that you might never have enjoyed before!