Samantha's Summer Couple Pick-Will They Sizzle or Fizzle?

Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz

After seven years together and three years of marriage, Eva Longoria divorced her ex-husband Tony Parker this past January after he had been caught having a "texting affair" with a teammate's wife. Since then, Eva has been moving on with her life and trying to find happiness. Evan has been spotted with Penelope Cruz's brother, Eduardo, and after enjoying an intimate dinner with friends at Chateau Marmont, this couple is nothing but sizzling. They stroked each other's faces and fed each other bites of food. Onlookers said the couple seems truly happy and enjoy each other's company. So far, this couple is hot! Will Eva get her heart broken again or has she finally found someone who truly appreciates her? How long will it last? What do you think? Will this sexy couple continue to sizzle or fizzle out?