Samantha's Dating Thought-Avoid the Baby Blues

This past week, it seemed like every celebrity had a baby! Over the weekend, David and Victoria Beckham welcomed daughter Harper Seven into the world while Kate Hudson and finance Matthew Bellamy gave birth to a baby boy. Yesterday, Jewel and husband Ty Murray welcomed a baby boy named Kase. Of course, a couple is always so excited when they welcome a new child into their family, but what I always wonder is if they remember that they have to keep their marriage and love alive at the same time as they are adoring their new baby?? Here are a few tips so you and your honey don't suffer from the baby blues...

1. Plan multiple date nights. Leaving your newborn at home may be the last thing you want to do in the early months of giving birth. However, once your new baby develops some steady sleeping habits, take that time to do something with your honey. You don't have to go far or have an extravagant date; just get out of the house for a little with only the two of you. Make it a habit to have one date night a week, whether you go out to dinner, catch a movie or just take a stroll around the neighborhood, make sure it is just you and your beau. If you are nervous about hiring a babysitter, keep in mind that grandparents are always eager to take care of their new grandchild.

2. Take turns. It is important to alternate who gets up when the baby cries during the middle of the night or who will get to have their girl/guys night out each week. By taking turns, you will relieve some of the stress on your partner and vice versa. When you both feel more stress free and get an extra hour of shut-eye, you will see that appreciate what your partner has done for you, which will keep your marriage strong.

3. Help each other. Although starting and raising a family is hard work, there is nothing more enjoyable. Couples should work together to raise their family. Sharing this experience together will make you love and appreciate your partner so much more. You should do small things to show how much you appreciate your spouse-helping them make their favorite dinner, buy them flowers, write a card, etc.

4. Have fun with sex! Remember what it used to be like before the kids? The spontaneity and excitement of sex with your spouse? Well don't let that disappear! Keep things fun and alive. Just because the kids are around, doesn't mean you have to stick to the "same old same old" routine. If you are having trouble, get away for the weekend! Leave the kids with a babysitter and hit up your favorite weekend vacation spot with your honey so you remember what it's like to truly appreciate and love one another.