Matchmaker in the know: Bad breath foods that kill a date

Have you ever wondered what foods and things are the biggest bad breath offenders??

Here’ s what I know…

-Red wine is the biggest offender. A lot of people prefer red wine, a lot of people say that red wine is good for your health and a lot of people think red wine is more sophisticated. However, red wine makes your breath smell bad and its stains a lot of people’s teeth. Translation- you breathe smells bad AND you are talking to someone you like with purple teeth. Choose vodka instead. Its odorless

-Not eating gives you bad breath. If you didn’t eat all day, then you have that I am hungry breath and that is very hard to get rid of. Make sure you pop several mints when you leave you office and grab something like a banana that should take the smell away.

-Peanuts give you bad breath and the smell lingers on you. I know its tempting to eat those peanuts on the table at the bar but choose the cashews or the pistachios instead.

-Olives give you bad breath. Don’t eat a bowl of them at the bar and on a date, don’t ask for extras in your martini so you can chow down on them, they are bad for your breath.

-Garlic- everyone knows garlic is a breath killer but these days a lot of people don’t care because they love these Pasta Puttanesca. Keep in mind that not only does garlic kill your breath but a lot of people sweat garlic out of their pours so you wind up with body odor as well as bad breath! If you want a good night kiss, save you pasta craving for football night with the guys!