Here's what I know... Women notice the little things you do or don't do.

Did you ever wonder what are the things upon which women judge you?

Here's what I know...

1. She notices if you suggest she come to a place right near you for the date, a place that is nowhere near her and then you don't offer to go pick her up. And on top of that, you make no apology for this lack of consideration.

2. She notices if you tip under 20 percent because the norm is 20 percent.

3. She notices if you don't tip on liquor because everyone tips on liquor.

4. She notices if you get out of the taxi first, don't offer to escort her home and then don't offer to pay to get her home.

5. She notices if you talk about yourself all night long and never even remember to ask her one question about her.

6. She notices if you check out every girl who walks in the door, even the ugly ones; she's not blind you know!