Here's what I know... Dating a complex person is complex

Are you always attracted and intrigued by multi-dimensional, complex people and does this scare you and excite you at the same time?

Here's what I know...

(1) It can be challenging to date a complex person but if you are a person who gets bored easily, is entrepreneurial or is an overachiever, you need to be with a person of this nature.

(2) Life is long, so people need to be with someone who can be their partner, who understands their need to private time and space, who challenges them, makes them think, bolsters their ego, makes them laugh and helps them to not take things so seriously. If you don't have those ingredients in a relationship, it will not last.

(3) Complex people have lots of layers- it might take you awhile to penetrate all of their layers but when you do, it is usually worth it. Complex people are usually like that chocolate candy with the cherry on the inside; you need to take a real bite to get to all that sweetness but once you have found it, boyyyyy does it taste good!

(4) Complex people tend to have their guard up in the beginning until they feel completely secure in a relationship, but once they put it down, it's usually full speed ahead in a very direct and easy way.

(5) Complex people are highly adaptable because they are thinkers. If you express to them how you feel, what you think or why something bothers you, they will usually take time to process this and move forward accordingly.

(6) Complex people are not always what they appear to be. They are very selective about letting people into their inner circle, and that inner circle is the best place for you to get to know the real them. Getting into that inner circle can take little longer than with other people, but almost always, it is worth the wait.