Does he like you?

He likes you... He calls you at 12 noon, the day of your date to confirm and tell you the plans.
He doesn't... He texts you at 6:15 about your 7:30 date, at the exact time that you thought for the 200th time that you wished you were strong enough to tell him that he is a piece of crap and that you aren't going out with him tonight or any night.

He likes you... he emails you 3 restaurant choices for your date.
He doesn't... he tells you to pick the place.

He likes you... he suggests a restaurant close to your apartment to make it easy for you.
He doesn't... he suggests a place one block from him apartment- super convenient for him and within his hook-up territory.

He likes you... he offers to come pick you up at your apartment and escort you to the date.
He doesn't... he emails you the name of the restaurant and tells you that he will see you there.

He likes you...he picks up that flip thing that we call a phone and he actually calls you to ask you on a date.
He doesn't...he perma-texts you from the time you meet until the time he goes on a date with you, never once picking up the phone and usually in one word grunts.

He likes you..he rearranges his schedule to fit you in and to see you, no matter what.
He doesn't, he says he's really busy and will catch up with you after the holidays.

He likes you...he remembers the important things you have told him (not everything because he is a guy, but the important things.)
He doesn't...he doesn't allocate brain space to remember that you are allergic to red wine and that you don't eat sushi.

He likes you... he is attracted to you no matter what you are wearing.
He doesn't... you could be standed stark naked in front of him, we wouldn't get an erection.

He likes you, he stops running from party to party looking for new girls.
He doesn't, he keeps on running...!!