Perfect on paper, but are you really attracted to him?

How many times does a guy seem to be so perfect on paper, that you have named your children with his last name before you have even met him? How many times do you get so excited for this guy that you are playing out your whole relationship with him before you have even kissed him? And how many times, can you just not figure out why he seems so good, yet you just aren't attracted to him?

What is it, that thing that makes you really like a guy? What is it, that makes you get that little smile or that tingle in your bones when you think of him? When it comes down to it, it's not that he went to Harvard, or he is a successful Dr or that he comes from a good family or that he is an excellent skier. Ultimately, it's chemistry, that intangible special something that makes the difference.

However, as women get older, they try, oh so hard to make the "good on paper" guy be "the one." Not surprising, right? It's just as easy to marry a good guy as it is to marry a not so good guy, right? Nonetheless, do you really want to marry the guy who you don't really love let alone like? Don't you deserve to be happy and to really be in love, no matter how old you are, how quickly your biological time clock is ticking and no matter how much you hate being alone? Don't you?