Here's what I know... The kiss is key.

Do you ever wonder just how important the kiss is when you are dating?

Here's what I know...

(1) If you have an excellent kiss together, chances are, sex will be really good as well.

(2) Kissing is the best foreplay especially if you both are very into it.

(3) Girls like to kiss more than guys do, so if he wants to kiss you and kiss you and kiss you, be confident that he is very attracted to you.

(4) Some people kiss well immediately and some people have to perfect their kiss. It's like dancing, you have to find your rhythm with each person.

(5) If you are kissing a slobber king, and you feel like you need a shower on your face after every kiss, in a nice way, show him how nice it is not to lick faces, show him other things that are just as good. Be patient with him especially if you like him.

((6) If you think that you and your guy kiss okay, but not great, or if you want your kiss to get even hotter than it already is, try kissing in a private, yet not so private place. The danger element will surely heat things up.

If you haven't seen Hitch with Will Smith, you should go rent it now! Hysterical!