Samantha's Fashion Fix- Pamela Rowland

Pamela Rowland

If you are looking for feminine, sexy and romantic clothing, look no further than Pamela Rowland's Spring 2011 Spring line which we got the pleasure of viewing at a presentation at the Whitney Museum of Are. Don't miss my personal favorite was the gold lame one shouldered at the knee dress- a true show-stopper!

Samantha's Designer Fashion Fix- Betsey Johnson

If you are looking for whimsical and romantic clothing, Betsey Johnson is the only designer who can deliver this to perfection.

Her runway during this week's Fashion Week at the tents at Lincoln Center was the most electric and exciting of all those I saw. This line is for the gal who loves getting attention! My two favorites had to be the dress that reminded me of candy "Dots" and the purple glitter fairy princess dress.