The Bachelorette: A Romantic Date, a Striptease, and Andi's First Kiss of the Season

Another Monday night, another anticipated episode of The Bachelorette. This week, Andi went on her first dates of the season, including two one-on-one dates and one very memorable group date.

     Three of the contestants performing on the group date

     Three of the contestants performing on the group date

Contestant Eric Hill was the first suitor to receive a date with the bachelorette. The date included a beach, a helicopter, a snowboarding lesson, and ended with the two making s’mores in a cozy log cabin. It’s safe to say that the date was nothing short of spectacular.

But then came the group date, which was easily the best moment of the night. The fourteen men all stripped in front of a live audience at a Hollywood nightclub…for charity. It was the most entertaining fundraiser I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Later in the evening, Craig had one too many drinks and ended up fully dressed in the pool. Disrobing, drinking, and diving. Oh my.

Chris, a 32-year-old farmer, was the other lucky contestant to go on a one-on-one date with Andi. It was off to the races for these two—horse races, that is. And the date wouldn’t be complete with a random band playing for the couple to dance to. The two ended up sharing a kiss—but their chemistry was almost as invisible as the band’s fan base.

In the end, Carl the firefighter, Nick S., and Craig the drunken mess were all sent home. With a two-night special next week, including an appearance by Boyz II Men, the drama and tears are sure continue full speed ahead.  

Dating tip 101: Having a drink on a date does have its benefits, but it should be kept to a minimum on the first date. Stick to a drink or two to ensure a great first impression.