Celebuzz- Katy Perry needs to jump right back into Dating

Exclusive: Matchmaker Says Katy Perry ‘Needs to Jump Right Back into Dating’

2 hours ago

Following a whirlwind romance and marriage, Russell Brand filed for divorce from singer Katy Perry ending their 14 month marriage, but it seems Katy isn’t sitting around feeling sorry for herself. Just days after the announcement, Katy was reportedly partying the night away with friends at LA’s Soho House — and chatting up a few guys at the exclusive hotspot!
Although Katy appears to be moving on quickly, celebrity matchmaker Samantha Daniels believes the “Fireworks” singer needs to move on and immediately jump back into the dating game. “I always think it’s good to jump right back into dating so that a newly single person can realize that there are other people out there to be with, when the time is right,” Daniels told Celebuzz.
What advice would you give Katy, if she came to you looking for love?
“I would say, ‘Think about being with someone who is outside of the entertainment industry but who is successful in his own right as well.’ Sometimes when two people are in the spotlight, there is too much competition; it might be better to choose a lower-key man who will be happy letting her get all the attention… She needs a non-celebrity, successful man who is secure in himself and is happy to let her have the spotlight. He would be very mature to ground her a bit, and he would also be protective of her so she will feel loved.”

From what you can tell, why didn’t she and Russell Brand work out? 
“Perhaps their personalities were too similar, and they both needed too much attention. Additionally, they didn’t know each other very long before they got married so they didn’t really have the time to learn about each other and grow the relationship together.”
What can Katy learn from her marriage to take into her new dating life?
“Relationships are hard work, so you need to really focus and make it a priority regardless of what is going on in one’s career. Sometimes it’s better to take things slowly so you can figure out what really works. A good relationship rule of the thumb is to be with someone all four seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall) before you decide if the relationship is for keeps.”
Overall in your business, what is the #1 dating mistake women make when re-entering the dating world?
They jump into the first relationship that comes their way because they don’t want to be alone instead of taking the time to date, get to know people and choose the “right one.”
Samantha Daniels is a Celebrity Matchmaker and the president and founder of the bicoastal company,Samantha’s Table Matchmaking.