Samantha's Dating Tip... Get people in your life to help you meet someone

    Let everyone in your life know that you are single and interested in getting set-up.  If you don’t tell them they won’t think to do it. 

A lot of people assume that if someone in their life (their friend, colleague or family member) knew someone great for them, they would just offer up the introduction. Unfortunately, this is just not the case because most people are very busy with their own lives and don't really spend time thinking about what is going on in yours. This doesn't mean
that they don't care about you, it just means that they just aren't spending the time thinking about who would be good for you. 

And secondly, a lot of people will just assume that you have dates every night of the week because they think you are so great, therefore they wouldn't think that you "need" the date. You must explain to them that it isn't that you "need" the date, it's that you would "be interested" in meeting new people and to please keep an eye out. Once you are proactive, you will be pleasantly surprised and how helpful some people will become.