Here's what I know... Men like girls in dresses

Do you ever wonder what men really like girls to wear?

Here's what I know...

(1)Men like girls to look feminine and girly. A woman in a work pants suit is NOT going to get a guy's juices flowing as readily as a woman in a little spring dress.

(2) If you have time to go home after the office and before a date, do it. What you wear matters.

(3) Guys like color. This does not mean that you have to dress like Bozo the clown, but a little infusion of color makes you seem brighter and more carefree.

(4) Men don't really like black. Black from time to time is fine, but all the time is too Morticia -like and men don't care for it. Trust me, they tell me this ALL the time.

(5) Men like dresses. A man will notice the one girl in a dress who isn't as pretty as some of the other girls, just because she is in a dress and seems more feminine. Guys like this.

(6) Guys like sexy not sleazy. A hint of cleavage is good, the whole boob is not!