Here's what I know...Kissing is the most important thing

Did you ever notice that if the kiss sucks, then the game is over???

Here's what I know...

(1)The kiss is the prelude to all things sexual.

(2) The kiss can be more sexual than sex.

(3)Women love to make-out for hours, so do men... in the beginning, but then they get over it real fast!

(4)Kissing gives women butterflies more than any other sexual activity. The kiss is what will make her have a smile on her face tomorrow at 3pm when she is thinking about you.

(5)Bad breath can cause a kiss not to happen but if you go for it anyway, bad breath goes away once you are kissing. Yuck, I know.

(6)Some people kiss well immediately, other people need to get used to each other. Don't be discouraged if it isn't perfect instantaneously- if you focus, you can change that baby right away.

(7)People can follow your rhythm if you are a good kisser. It's like dancing!