September and October- very busy Matchmaking months!

Hi, sorry for the MIA- September/October are my busiest matchmaking months- you want to know why??? (here are two excerpts from my book)

September is an interesting month for matchmaking. I guess every month is, but September is especially interesting because many peeps come my way. First of all, summer has ended. Why is this significant? Because a lot of single people were expecting to meet the person of their dreams over the summer-people are tan so they look better, healthier, and thinner, women wear sexier clothing, more bare clothing that attracts the hombres, there are a lot more people out and about, happy and interacting and people take vacations to try to meet people. Moreover, in my cities (New York and Los Angeles) a lot of people do fun shares in vacation houses (in the Hamptons and in Malibu) and these houses are hookup central; there we have tons of single men and women all looking to meet and be met. Anyway, people go into the summer thinking, hoping and praying that they will meet someone significant. Unfortunately for a lot of the singles, they meet a lot of people, have a lot of flings, but come out of the summer still alone. That’s where I come in. They gave it the summer, four months and still nothing, so they come to me, hat in hand. Yes, I might be sloppy seconds in this situation, but I am okay with that.

October, another interesting month for matchmaking. There are the people who gave it September to see if any of their contacts from the summer would turn into anything romantic. There are the people who gave themselves September to get over their summer breakup and now they are ready to hitting the proverbial dating ground running. And there are the Jews who waited until after the Jewish High holidays, thinking that they might see an old flame sitting in the service or that the real Yenta in their life, their mother, might actually fixate, on an interesting friend of the family instead of the nightmare friend she always fixates on, while she’s supposed to be fixating on the prayer book, but of course this never happens!

So, I get alot of people in Sept and October. Lucky for me!

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